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thenielholic is no longer an active blog ~

thenielholic is no longer an active blog

the blog will not be deleted for the sake of keeping everything archived ~ too many good stuff here XDDD. however, there will be no new posts or new updates on this blog.

thank u for staying with thenielholic while it lasted!

if for any reasons u want me to contact u and let u know when my new blog is up, feel free to like this post and i’ll be sure to get back to u!

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  1. n-i-e-l said: No, Bee…. ;_______;
  2. taida-nirama said: TT.TT
  3. angelictt said: She is pissed because Angels and responding to (supposed) Babyz with unangel like behavior. Personally i think the Babyz aren’t babyz but pot stirrers and some Angels just took the bait. but thats a different discussion.
  4. mstakitakeshima said: wae?? wae? wae?? what happened??
  5. tofuparadise said: WHY?! And.. good bye, and good luck. TT~
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    this seriously hurrts me.. My fav noona is so annoyed of the things in our fandom and so am i that she closes her blog..
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